Mazon ActiveDark + AirFibre Pillows

Superior comfort and wellness

The ActiveDark Pillows are made from a charcoal infused plush elasticity foam core surrounded with a plush fibre-fill casing. Charcoal is known to improve deep sleep, prevent allergies and assist with temperature regulation for all night comfort and wellness. The ActiveDark cores are pinholed for ventilation and are molded in two shapes – classic and contoured, the cores can be removed if a very low profile pillow is needed. The outer fibre filled casing can be machine washed.

  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Zip off washable cover.

Traditional Shape suitable for all sleepers

Contour Shape best suited for back and side sleepers.

ActiveDark + AirFibre Traditional

Standard Pillow Size
Code: ADAT

ActiveDark + AirFibre Contour

Standard Pillow Size
Code: ADAC

Product Specs

Measurements & Dimensions
Traditional Shape:
87 x 38cm
13cm High

Contour Shape:
87 x 38cm
10-13cm High
Constructions & Materials
Mazon ActiveDark+AirFibre Pillow:
  • Visco Elastic Material infused with Charcoal
  • Cooling Gel Inlay (one sided)
  • Microfibre Fill
  • Polycotton/Spandex Mix
Where to buy
We have dealers all over New Zealand - please contact us to find your nearest stockist.
2 Year Limited Warranty

See what makes this product stand out

Charcoal infused visco material is highly anti-bacterial and helps to dissipate moisture.
These pillows are made of a specific material and shape support every part of the neck and head evenly.

Zip-off Cover
Machine Washable
All-way Stretch
Breathable Mesh Panels
Super Soft

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