Mazon ActiveCool Pillows

For sleep goodness all-night

The ActiveCool Pillows are made from charcoal infused plush elasticity foam, which has been proven to improve deep sleep and wellness. ActiveCool Pillows have a flexible gel layer molded into the foam assisting with a reduction in body temperature. Charcoal is anti-bacterial, and assists with continuous air circulation and temperature regulation along with the cotton cover and breathable mesh panels – ActiveCool Pillows help keep you cool all night.

  • Great for all seasons.
  • Zip off washable cover.

Contour Shape best suited for back and side sleepers.

Traditional Shape suitable for all sleepers.

ActiveCool Contoured

Standard Pillow Size
Code: ACC

ActiveCool Traditional

Standard Pillow Size
Code: ACT

Product Specs

Measurements & Dimensions
Contour Shape:
59 x 40cm
9-11cm High

Traditional Shape:
59 x 40cm
14cm High
Constructions & Materials
Mazon ActiveCool Contoured Pillow:
  • Visco Elastic Material infused with Charcoal
  • Cooling Gel Inlay (one sided)
  • Polycotton/Spandex Mix
Where to buy
We have dealers all over New Zealand - please contact us to find your nearest stockist.
2 Year Limited Warranty

See what makes this product stand out

Charcoal infused visco material is highly anti-bacterial and helps to dissipate moisture.
These pillows are made of a specific material and shape support every part of the neck and head evenly.

Zip-off Cover
Machine Washable
All-way Stretch
Breathable Mesh Panels
Super Soft

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