Mazon 3D Fibre Pillow

Economy fibre fill Pillow

Mazon 3D fibre Pillows are microfibres filled which allows air to move and pass through the cavities and prevent compression. The pillows remain soft and plush while being extremely breathable, preventing moisture build-up. This unique material is allergy free and provides all night comfort. Mazon 3D Fibre pillows are made with a 100% cotton outer cover, and the pillows are machine washable.

  • Suitable for all seasons.
  • Washable Pillow

Suitable for all sleepers.

3D Fibre Pillow

Standard Pillow Size
Code: 3D

See what makes this product stand out

Extremely fine hollow fibres are what makes up our ‘AirFibre’. This is what makes them silky. In fact they feel better than down.

Nothing but 100% natural cotton.

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